On Returns

It shocked me, somewhat, that the last post I made was 16 months ago. I’m not sure it should’ve, mind you, as I went through a work transition (go Google Fiber!), moved in with my girlfriend (and now fiancée), and got a puppy. In other words, I’ve been a busy bee.

But I never stopped thinking about cocktails and the bar experience. In particular I have become obsessed with the idea of “ceremony”, and have been shocked by how much ceremony has left the average bar experience now that excellent cocktails are becoming more and more widespread. Even at an absolutely stellar restaurant like wd~50, where the cocktails themselves are bizarrely fantastic, there is far too little fanfare when one of these mad scientist creations arrive at your table.

Mr. Dufresne has others issues to attend to right now so don’t think I’m picking on him, it’s really just obvious statistics: the more bars with great cocktails, the more opportunity to miss out on great presentation. On a day when it isn’t my birthday (hooray, congrats me, etc) and I don’t have dinner reservations coming up, I’ll go into more detail about the power of presentation and what I believe are some patron-side flubs that are all too easily avoided. But, in the meantime, let me just say that after a long posting hiatus, I’m home.

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